WHO WE AREPersonal Fashion Stylist StoreAs a personal shopper we help you discover the looks to love and the wardrobe solutions you need.Whether you want to find your own way of working new season trends or have a specific fashion problem you need help with, we will find the right stylist to guide you through.Perhaps you are adjusting to a new way of dressing after having a baby? Need a new job wardrobe overhaul? Or may be an upcoming occasion requires a fabulous new look? Our stylist are on hand to curate bespoke edits of their suggestionsTo book you appointment , please call 09910896196 or e-mail- sophisticators@gmail.com

STEP NO 1Send us a full length photograph of yourself via E-mail.

STEP NO 2Send us a short description about yourself, your personality,your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole exercise.

STEP NO 3We now need to meet you in person for a one on one consultation. So we will set up an appointment with you for the same. During this consultation we will help you fill out a questionnaire which will have all the details which will help us in a better understanding of your personality. It will have details like your date of birth, marital status, height, weight, sizes you wear, budget, what colors you like and dislike, what brands you prefer, what is your fashion sense, your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole excercise, what are you comfortable wearing, are you open to experimenting, you want to update your wardrobe with formal or casual clothes,celebrity with whose style you identify the most and so on….

STEP NO 4After we fill out the all important questionnaire, we will then analyze your current wardrobe, to understand about your personal style, how outdated or updated your wardrobe is, what is it that we need to buy, Pieces that we can use from your current wardrobe that will enhance your new collection. The wardrobe analysis includes shoes, bags, jewellery, anything else you need advice on.

STEP NO 5we will now embark on a market research by ourselves based on your like and dislikes. On this research trip we will find out what styles are available that are most suited for your personality. This will save us a lot of time, since we already know what is available in what brand. So we can straight away head for trials.

STEP NO 6Now that we are done with the research, we will prepare an Itinerary for you, which contains details about the shopping date, time, number of days required, based on your profile and preference which mall or market we will head to for this trip,what we will buy on what day.

STEP NO 7We are now ready to embark on a shopping trip. Based on your requirement.

STEP NO 8After we are done with the shopping,we can also help you with styling of clothes.How to combine clothes to create a fresh and interesting look.we will also take photographs of the new looks created so that it becomes easier for you to remember how to wear what.These Look Pages will then be mailed to you for your future reference.




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