Fresh Start

Ready for a real boost to rebuild your confidence?
Be inspired to go back to dating and rebuild your love life.

Ready to see yourself in a way you never thought possible?

Whether you’re simply looking for an emotional uplift or getting back to dating.

Why not let us lighten the load? Sophisticaor’s will enable you to concentrate on what really makes you happy, allowing you to take a fresh look at yourself in a way you never imagined.
Your Personal Stylist will get to know you and build a personal profile of you so that your every wish is listened to. Your Stylist will then check out all the appropriate shops prior to your shopping day so that you are ready to be taken on a very specific retail therapy journey which will energise you and guarantee that you will leave looking amazing, feeling great about yourself and ready to take on the world!

FRESH START (Acquire a whole new look in-tuned with your current outlook) – 15% of the amount spent

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