Treat yourself to a day with a Personal Stylist and see how it can transform your life. Your stylist will compile a personal profile of you based on your life-style, body shape, personality, likes, dislikes and of course budget. Experience a celebrity style shopping trip with some honest and friendly advice.

Shops will be carefully selected prior to your shopping day. Meet with your personal fashion stylist and shop together learning all the secrets to perfect accessorising and just how to find the individual you.
See the difference a Personal Fashion Stylist can make and how it will change both the way you see yourself and the way others react to you.

PERSONAL STYLING DAY – Shop for what you always wanted but don’t know where to buy from

• For Shopping Budget Below Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 5,000 For 2 Hours
• For Shopping Budget Above Rs. 50,000 – 12.5% of The Amount Spent


Sophisticators Wardrobe Detox Service will give your wardrobe a makeover that will change the way you see yourself forever, leaving you with a feeling of total organisation and cleanliness.
From how you shop to where you shop and most importantly how NOT to make the same mistakes again! Your Wardrobe Stylist will help decide what should stay and what should go. Evaluating every garment, shoe, and accessory, leaving you with a beautifully organised, colour coordinated space.
Your Wardrobe Consultant will make new outfits from your existing wardrobe which you never thought possible and advise on key purchases to make your collection of clothes work harder for you.
Your stylist will show you how to update your currant image and guarantees that this amazing service will give you a feeling of complete clarity and jubilation.

WARDROBE DETOX (Unclutter Your Wardrobe With a Personalized Opinion by an Expert Stylist) – Rs. 3,000 Per Hour (Minimum 2 Hours)


Finished with pregnancy wear ? Ready for some ‘ME’ time?
Get back to feeling like ‘you’ and let your stylist show you how to chose the right clothes for your new life and possible new shape.
After having a baby it may be that those last few stubborn baby pounds wont shift, or you may be back to your original weight but your shape may have changed. You may be fortunate enough to be exactly the same size as you were pre baby but lost your sense of style.
Seeing yourself in something different, slightly more fitted and the new seasons colours could be that last push you need.

NEW MUM NEW STYLE – (Accommodate the extra you without compromising on the Fashionista in you)
• For Shopping Budget Below Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 5,000 For 2 Hours
• For Shopping Budget Above Rs. 50,000 – 12.5% of The Amount Spent


A promotion, new job or a change of direction?

At different times in our career we all need to review and renew what has previously served us well as a working wardrobe.

Just thinking of where and how to start is too mind boggling and time consuming.
As Style Consultants we ascertain what is needed, advise and source all the shops specifically suited to you.
Having accessed your body shape and lifestyle Sophisticator’sStylists will then put together an impressive an confidence inspiring range of outfits suitable for all work commitments. Taking you right thorough your working day to an evening entertaining clients.
Photos references are taken so you remember every outfit.

CORPORATE DRESSING (Power dress without conceding your style) – 18% of the amount spent


Short of time, want to look amazing but don’t know where to start or what suits? If you are attending a wedding, a party, an award ceremony or a corporate event and need a helping hand to get that one special outfit just right, look no further – help is at hand…
Whatever the special occasion its crucial you look and feel very special indeed, not to mention, confident, relaxed and comfortable.

Your personal stylist will work with your theme and how you’d like to look and advice you on how to achieve your ultimate outfit. Our stylist will head out on a sourcing expedition covering all retail outlets, designers, fabric shops and vintage stores offering you plenty of choice. Your personal stylist will take all the stress out of the equation and even be on hand for fittings if required. Leaving you free to look amazing and enjoy the event.

SPECIAL OCCASION (Customized shopping escapade for special moments) – 18% of the amount spent


Fashionable at 50, sophisticated at 60, smart at 70, elegant at 80? Have peace of mind and if necessary a place to rest and a stylist to show you just how its done.

Your personal stylist will chat with you to discuss just what you need, if required she can start by looking though your existing wardrobe and see what needs updating or renewing.

Your Personal Stylist will then locate all the shops that cater for you as an individual ensuring you look young yet in keeping with your existing image.

You will see how shopping can be fun when there’s someone to help you in every way. Locating shops and selecting collections perfect for you your body shape and your budget and keeping you looking fabulously stylish for all occasions!

SILVER SERVICES – (Leave it to us to find what you need)

• For Shopping Budget Below Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 5,000 For 2 Hours
• For Shopping Budget Above Rs. 50,000 – 12.5% of The Amount Spent


Ready for a real boost to rebuild your confidence?
Be inspired to go back to dating and rebuild your love life.

Ready to see yourself in a way you never thought possible?

Whether you’re simply looking for an emotional uplift or getting back to dating.

Why not let us lighten the load? Sophisticaor’s will enable you to concentrate on what really makes you happy, allowing you to take a fresh look at yourself in a way you never imagined.
Your Personal Stylist will get to know you and build a personal profile of you so that your every wish is listened to. Your Stylist will then check out all the appropriate shops prior to your shopping day so that you are ready to be taken on a very specific retail therapy journey which will energise you and guarantee that you will leave looking amazing, feeling great about yourself and ready to take on the world!

FRESH START (Acquire a whole new look in-tuned with your current outlook) – 15% of the amount spent


The gift that keeps on giving. Treat a friend, parent, grandparent, sibling or boss or why not a work colleague for a leaving or welcome gift, or a teenager for a real experience? Whatever the occasion this is a gift that really could change someone’s life!

A GIFT WITH A LIFT (Experience a celebrity style shopping trip with some customized advice) – Rs. 5999 as personal shopper fees