Silver Service

Fashionable at 50, sophisticated at 60, smart at 70, elegant at 80? Have peace of mind and if necessary a place to rest and a stylist to show you just how its done.

Your personal stylist will chat with you to discuss just what you need, if required she can start by looking though your existing wardrobe and see what needs updating or renewing.

Your Personal Stylist will then locate all the shops that cater for you as an individual ensuring you look young yet in keeping with your existing image.

You will see how shopping can be fun when there’s someone to help you in every way. Locating shops and selecting collections perfect for you your body shape and your budget and keeping you looking fabulously stylish for all occasions!


• For shopping budget below Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 5,000 for 2 hours
• For shopping budget above Rs. 50,000 – 12.5% of the amount spent

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