The top must-haves in your Corporate Closet

Women’s corporate wear is one subject that leads us to the threshold of a world that offers a plethora of options to choose from! Despite of that, it is a mind boggling struggle for most of the women to wake up and find that one perfect wear to office everyday! For men on the other hand it’s just too routine-ish to choose one. Corporate attire is not just a piece of clothing but a statement that you choose to make at one of the most powerful arenas of life. It is researched and confirmed that people who take their work- outfits seriously, perform better! With this comes another fact that at various stages of your career you need to revamp your corporate closet in order to keep pace with your designation, set up and gathering.

Corporate dress for ladies and the corporate wear for men are distinct yet similar. The differences shall be addressed specifically in the latter part of the blog; however it is quite imperative to understand the factors that are in common. Corporate dressing begins with a sense of responsibility and seriousness. Hence, your dressing should be crisp and freshly pressed; you can choose dark/light colored suits, light color/striped/check shirts; avoid too pointy shoes instead choose black/brown nicely polished formal footwear. Besides, always keep your organization specific dress-code in mind!

Now let’s take you through the must haves for women’s corporate wear and corporate wear for Men:

  1. Business Casual for Men/Women: There is no harm in being patriotic in your dressing, but be careful that you don’t overdo it. A smart business casual will make do no harm, in fact bring more life at work. A buttoned down shirt or sweater paired with a dress slack, is just smart to wear! For women the options are just like flood, be it patterned or ruffle, just be sure to not overdo it!
  2. When it’s strictly formal: For men an evergreen and always safe suggestion goes like: wear a light color shirt and pair it with a dark colored suit (navy blue, black or brown). A good and exciting addition to this can be by adding some prints or stripes in shirt as you pair it with a matching color of suit. Just ensure that you don’t look too gaudy or flamboyant! Corporate dress for ladies, however have more variety. From light or dark colored suits to skirts, pants and blazers. Till the time it is not too blazy and explosive, it is just fine!
  3. Choosing formal footwear might be a little challenging; hence the Sophisticators bring you to a range of formal foot wears for men and women that coincide with your style and amp up your corporate dressing. You can view the complete range at:

Getting started off with all of this in mind might be a little demanding. Sophisticators, can be called be your wardrobe best friend who ensures that you step out in attire that builds confidence and make heads turn. They are style consultants who advise, source and shop garments in accordance to your needs.

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