Wardrobe Detox

Sophisticators Wardrobe Detox Service will give your wardrobe a makeover that will change the way you see yourself forever, leaving you with a feeling of total organisation and cleanliness.
From how you shop to where you shop and most importantly how NOT to make the same mistakes again! Your Wardrobe Stylist will help decide what should stay and what should go. Evaluating every garment, shoe, and accessory, leaving you with a beautifully organised, colour coordinated space.
Your Wardrobe Consultant will make new outfits from your existing wardrobe which you never thought possible and advise on key purchases to make your collection of clothes work harder for you.
Your stylist will show you how to update your currant image and guarantees that this amazing service will give you a feeling of complete clarity and jubilation.

WARDROBE DETOX (Unclutter your wardrobe with a personalized opinion by an expert stylist) – Rs. 3,000 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

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